Thumbnail Generator 1.2 – Patch Notes

[New Node] Generate Thumbnail Synchronous

Does what it says on the tin, generates a thumbnail for you, synchronously!

The Generate Thumbnail Synchronous node.

Dynamic Thumbnail Resolution

With this release Capture Alpha, and Texture Width/Height has been moved from project settings to Thumbnail settings. They can now be be overriden on the Capture Thumbnail node for each individual thumbnail capture.

Example of how to override thumbnail size/alpha on your thumbnail capture.

SaveThumbnail (Editor Only)

The Save Thumbnail node allows you to save your thumbnail as a Texture2D uasset.

Example of how to use the Save Thumbnail node

The plugin also includes, by default, an AssetActionUtility which allows you to right-click any actor and choose Generate Thumbnail, all within the editor!

Usage example of the BP_ThumbnailAssetActionUtility

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