Dynamic Water Physics – Patch Notes


Added Oceanology integration support for Oceanology 5.0.8

Added Water Physics – Generic Water Body

Mimics the behaviour of Water Physics – Water Body but will work with any actor which can generate overlap events. Here is an example of it working with 3 trigger boxes:


Oceanology Support

This patch brings support for the much requested Oceanology Plugin! As of right now the only officially supported version of Oceanology is 5.0.7. Your luck may vary with versions older than this.

To use this plugin with Oceanology, simply make sure you have the Oceanology plugin enabled and then restart the editor. The Dynamic Water Physics plugin will auto-detect the existance of Oceanology and will load the required code.

The Water Physics – Oceanology actor should now show up in the placement menu. Simply drag this actor out into the same world containing your Oceanology water actor as demonstrated in the video.



  • Massive performance improvements on multi-threaded systems. You can read more about how the plugin was optimized here.
  • Added official support for most platforms.
  • Added unofficial support for Chaos Physics. As of right now the Chaos version of Unreal Engine is in preview, meaning it cannot be officially supported via the Marketplace. However, if you compile your project yourself using C++ then the plugin will now work with the Chaos Physics version of the engine!
  • Extend C++ API to allow for greater control over how the water surface is queried.
  • General bug fixes.

Example Project Changes

  • Fixed bug in Replication example map where river did not simulate water physics (Thanks user Phoenix VR for pointing out this issue!)
  • Added replication to Submarine and Dinghy.
  • Fixed replication related bugs with example character.


  • Fix compile error for some platforms


  • Add tooltip to Water Physics Collision Component
  • Fix bug causing Water Physics Collision Component transform to be incorrect during substepping
  • Fix crash related to floating skeletal mesh components



  • Added Whitelist option on WaterPhysicsSettingsComponent – Works in conjunction with blacklist, allowing you specify water physics simulated components with much more granularit.
  • Fixed bug causing component selection not to update on actors placed in the world.
  • Added WaterPhysicsCollisionComponent (Se section below for more information)
  • Updated example project to use new WaterPhysicsCollisionComponents
  • Introduced plugin trial version! This tiral version can be used to evaluate whether this plugin is right for your project before you purchase. You can find the trial version here.

Water Physics Collision Component

The Water Physics Collision Component allows you to fully customize the water physics mesh of your actor! This component will automatically be picked up by the water physics simulation system. When calculating the water dynamics forces for the component on which the collision component is attached, the collision components settings will be used to generate additional geometry to run through the water physics calculations.

The exact geometry the component will generate is visualized in-editor via a component visualizer, as demonstrated in the video below.

An example of how this new component can be used is to replace the auto-generated water physics collision on an actor by creating a custom mesh and only selecting this mesh in the WaterPhysicsSettingsComponent’s Whitelist Components.