Thumbnail Generator 1.4 – Patch Notes

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug which prevented you from launching the game in a release build.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the sky-light to be rebuilt each time the thumbnail was captured (Should significantly improve performance).
  • Fixed camera framing issues when having a complicated component hierarchy.

New features/improvements:

  • SkyLightColor can now be controlled separately from Environment Color using the new Environment Affect Lighting option.
  • Added a new option to Thumbnail Settings: Show Environment which allows you to more easily to hide the environment.
  • Updated example project (Should now look a little fancier).

Thumbnail Generator Editor Tool

Due to the possitive feedback received regarding the Save Thumbnail functionality added in 1.2, this functionality has now been extended.

It is now possible to right-click on any actor (both in the content browser, or in the level editor) and select the “Generate Thumbnail” option. This will launch a custom window allowing you to modify the thumbnail further before saving it to you project as a UTexture2D asset.