Actor Portrait – Patch Notes


Actor Portrait 2.0

After countless delays, Actor Portrait 2.0 is finally here!

So what’s new?

Background worlds

You are now able to select any world asset to use as a backdrop for your portrait! Simply select the world asset you wish to use in the drop-down menu, under the advanced tab. (NOTE: Be careful when using large worlds as they can cause hitching as the world asset needs to load when the UI element is created)

Refactored the API

This includes general cleanup of the API, such as exposing more functionality to blueprint and adding comments to the functions. One new and very useful function is the IsInPortraitScene function the actor can use to check if it’s in a portrait scene. It can be useful to if you wish to perform custom actor setup if your actor is in a portrait scene.

It is now also possible to access GameInstance from the portrait actor which can be very useful to share data in-between the main game and the portrait actor.

Pre-/post spawn events have also been added (also available through the ActorPortraitInterface) which allows you to more easily run set-up code for your portrait actor.

New Properties/Settings

  • Resolution override/scale settings
  • Better camera auto-framing
    • Set the actor transform
    • Custom orbit origin
    • Zoom clamping
    • Rotate the actor instead of the camera

Unfortunately some things didn’t make it…

The actor ticking options have now been removed. They have been replaced by pre-/post spawn events that can be used to initialize the portrait actor in any way you want. The reason for these being removed is that they did not work well to start with, and worked even worse with the new background world system. These types of settings should be set in the actor blueprint instead of the Widget UI, however I am currently working on allowing the user to set custom default values in the Widget UI, much like is possible with the Child Actor Component.